SWIM STROKE DOCTOR testing helps your athlete suddenly become competitive. Here are a few videos of what we can do.

For every one month an athlete is out of the water, it takes two months to get back into their earlier shape. If you do what everyone is doing, you get results that everyone else is getting and those are normal results. If you want to have results that you’ve never had before, you need to start doing things you’ve never done before.


Our TUNE UP system – Video with immediate replay.

The START, above and below water.

Breaststroke kick testing.

One arm drill.

Tune Up Video System # 300

Our Motion system was patented in 2016. It is a powerful corrective system for swimming and stroke analysis.

MOTION SYSTEM – the entire view of the swim stroke.

Deckside video in action. A quick look at how we operate.

Swimmers are visual learners. Swimmers get faster with video.

Lane View backstroke. You have not seen these views of swimming. It is very cool.

Video taken at the University of Michigan with Head Coach Mike Bottom.


Swim Clients include: Milo Cavic – King Aquatics; Bill Wadley – Former Ohio State Head Coach; Dave Fritz – Grove City College; Dave Sheets – Duquesne University; Dave Geyer – LSU; John Klinge – Purdue; Tom Johnson – Former Wyoming Head Coach; Rickey Perkins – Bowling Green University; Bob Groseth – Queens Charlotte; Jason Hite – University of Indianapolis; Sean Tedesco – U.S. Merchant Marine and many more.

Swim Stroke Doctor testing is about the individual athlete.  We see, understand and make stroke corrections. Learning is “athlete” focused. Our system and method provides important scientific support for the 15 technical components of swimming (4 styles, 4 starts, 4 turns plus 3 turns of the IM).

Swim Stroke Doctor was founded in 2012 by aquatic design engineer Dan Lynch to build innovative world class video products for analysis in swimming and water polo.

Contact us to learn more about our system: dvlynch (at) swimstrokedoctor.com

CSCAA: We are proud to be a partner with the College Swimming & Diving Coaches Association of America.

Motion Video System: U.S. Patent No. US 9,521,373

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