What you can see and change above water is only 50% of the swimmers long term success. Seeing the other 50% below water can help your swimmers reach their full potential….. Underwater stroke technique provides 98% of the swimmers propulsion.

Tune up System 300 – Video with immediate replay.

The start above and below water.

Breaststroke kick testing.

One arm drill.


Motion System 280 – 50 yd Butterfly testing

Pool side review.

We are watching a swimmers 50 yard butterfly using the Swim Stroke Doctor patented motion system 280. The camera moves in sync with the swimmer and video streams to the deckside coaches station.

When the 50 yard test is complete, the athlete exits the water and joins us for replay and technical review of the swim. The focus is on the primary stroke correction. Next we send the swimmer back into the water for another swim and video review to work on the correction.

Swimmers are visual learners. Swimmers get faster with video.

Lane View backstroke. Lane view provides a view of the stroke from both hand side and feet side of the swimmer. It is very cool.


Today’s swimmers are digital natives and learn visually. Our video lets them see, understand and make stroke corrections. Its easy, fast rewards for swimmers.

Video provides scientific support for swimming technique analysis for swimmers and teams. There are 15 technical parts used in competitive swimming 4 styles, 4 starts, 4 turns plus 3 turns of the individual medley. Learning focus is personalized on the individual swimmers needs.

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CSCAA: We are proud to be a partner with the College Swimming & Diving Coaches Association of America.

Patent No. US 9,521,373, December 2016.