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Enhance stroke efficiency. Reduce Practice yardage. Reduce swim injury.

Video training is important and recommended for all swimmers who want to improve their performance.

THE KEY TO EFFICIENT SWIMMING:  Make stroke and muscle memory training as specific as possible. Sports scientists say that it takes 10,000 strokes to correct an error in muscle memory. Our motto is that “a video is worth a thousand strokes,” which means that a properly implemented video system combined with targeted drills will drastically cut the time needed to correct habitual stroke problems.

Everyone knows that video is a powerful tool that can be used to help swimmers see their stroke deficiencies first hand. Our video system is not a camera on a stick, it is a revolutionary video system that follows a swimmer in the water and targets specific stroke deficiencies.

  • Our U.S. Patent Pending “Lane View” technology provides coaches and swimmers a full view of every aspect of a swimmers stroke.
  • Video capture is live and also records “Lane View” full length in the pool so turns and streamlines can be viewed and analyzed up close.
  • Immediate replay ability for Coach to review with swimmer their just completed swim.
  • Videos can be saved to a drive for later analysis.
  • Swim Stroke Doctor video training requires one designated lane in your pool leaving the other lanes for uninterrupted practice.

Swim Stroke Doctor video training allows the swimmer to be interactive to the correction. A good coach keeps reinforcing proper technique over and over in practice so that it becomes second nature in the field of competition. “We are always looking for little changes that add up to a big difference.” Bob Bowman

Stroke Doctor lane view video training is a must for every competitive swim team.

For a swimmer, it’s the best feeling in the world when your coach smiles at you and says, “good job.”

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