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Dan Lynch Swim Stroke Doctor at Duquesne UniversityThe Swim Stoke Doctor system was created by a love for the sport of swimming, a passion for competing, and for helping swimmers perform better. Since designing our first underwater video system in 2012, we’ve been committed to and take great pride in offering the best technical swimming coaching possible. Analysis is the foundation of our brand.

Our website is packed with swimming videos, fundamentals, advice and solutions for your swimming stroke. Whether you desire to compete at the top championship levels, or simply want to build and enjoy swimming even more than you do now, our video and technical analysis is an essential part of your journey.

Benefits to Swimmer

dan with swimmer All of our clients realize immediate improvement, based on a better understanding of the swimming stroke and a better understanding of their specific needs as they apply to all strokes. All advice and information is tailored to the athlete and how it applies to his or her swimming. Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly, Breaststroke, we analyze and correct all the strokes.

Freestyle swimming: the most powerful view is underwater.

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dan-lynch-swim-stroke-doctorWe have created a program that blends the mental and technical sides of swimming with an active kinesiology component into one comprehensive program. Our technical system trains both the mental and technical components of swimming simultaneously, where learning is exponentially faster, insuring a more focused and consistent swimming performance.

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2. Breaststroke.

3. Freestyle.

Why is mental training combined with swimming so important? To gain in performance we need to think differently. We focus the swimmers thoughts on the swim to help them find consistent and successful performances. Our training system lays a foundation for consistent performances, a swimmers confidence is increased, mental energy is more balanced, and they understand the steps to a faster swim.


Swimmers are visual learners.

Backstroke. University of Michigan.

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Swimming Video Analysis: Swim Stroke Doctor provides technical swim training to reinforce the athlete’s strengths. To sign up or for more information please check our Swimming Video Analysis web page.

Swim Clients include: D3 Grove City College; D1 Duquesne University; D1 LSU; D1 Purdue; D1 Wyoming; D1Bowling Green University; D2 Queens Charlotte; D2 University of Indianapolis; D3 U.S. Merchant Marine; Milo Cavic – King Aquatics; D1 Ohio State; and many more.

Contact us to learn more about our system: dvlynch (at)

CSCAA: We are proud to be a partner with the College Swimming & Diving Coaches Association of America.

Motion Video System: U.S. Patent No. US 9,521,373

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