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All of our clients realize immediate improvement based on our swimmer testing and review of videos we take during the analysis. The swimmer has a better understanding of the swimming stroke and a skill set of their specific needs. All advice and information is tailored to the athlete and how it applies to his or her swimming capabilities. Freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, we analyze and correct all the strokes and depending on session, turns and starts.

Video Analysis athleteThe most powerful view is underwater. Swimmers are visual learners.

There are three segments, Evaluation, Analyzing technique, and then Video Analysis and correction. We wrap up with reinforcement of the learning points of the clinic. The swimmer knows what needs to be done in stroke execution and has notes and reminders of the day’s events for future reference, enhancing the coaching experience.

Individual Swimming Clinic 60 Minutes arm

During your clinic you will receive, personalized One-on-One instruction. We will focus on Body Alignment, Head Position, Hand Position, Catch Points, Body Mechanics and Self-analysis, with a specific emphasis on, and specializing on the tested stroke. Each session is tailored to the individual and includes complete analysis.

We recommend multiple sessions for exponential learning.

Taking a multiple of video swim clinic sessions will increase the effectiveness of your time with a coach. When a swimmer is with us for the first time, that initial clinic will be intensive and packed with information. Taking subsequent swim clinic sessions will allow for time not only to rest between sessions, but also to digest the information presented, and then come back and refine issues from the previous day. What you get back in multiple swim clinic sessions will come back to you in an exponential rate.

Group Swimming Clinic 60 Minutes

During your clinic you will receive, personalized group instruction. We focus on the same elements as an individual swimming clinic. See below for more information.

Where Can I Sign Up?

If you are interested in this video testing, please fill out the google form below to begin the process. Once you have completed your form, please e-mail Swim Stroke Doctor as noted on the form. When we have received your email, we will reach out to confirm your information and schedule the training session.

Other Helpful Information

No parents or coaches allowed in the testing session. Check-in 15 minutes before the session start. No deck changing, no locker rooms or pool bathrooms. No personal articles, jewelry or watches are allowed.


  • Swim Video Testing Session: $250 (60 minutes – One swimmer).

  • Group Swim Video Clinic:      $175 (60 minutes – 4 swimmers per group).

  • Dryland Training:   $100 (30 minutes – One swimmer).

  • Group Coaching:   $3000 Full Day (1 to 4 swimmers). 

                                   $1600 Half Day (1 to 4 swimmers)


We are Chicago and New York City based and work in many local pools. We are also available to travel to your location (additional cost).

Training is specific to the swimmer. The following videos are from testing sessions.


Swimming motion is the process of changing positions all time.

Video analysis of swimming styles, starts, turns makes possible to improve the technique of all elements. In our analysis and training we work to correct a swimmer’s head position, body rotation, hands, elbows, arms, core, legs, knees and feet that moving up – down – forward – backward at the same time.

Our mission is to improve swimming performance through accurate assessments. Swimming stroke solutions are based on best practice, swimming science and technology.

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