Dan Lync Swim Stroke DoctorWe assist swimmers in narrowing the gap between their present stroke and the ideal stroke. Our services include swim video analysis, an active kinesiology method, and a grading system tailored to each individual.


Dan Lynch is an accomplished senior executive with over four decades of comprehensive experience in sales, marketing, international sourcing, product development, and quality assurance. He is also a successful entrepreneur and business owner. Lynch obtained his bachelor’s degree in finance and marketing from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 1978. His career commenced in sales and marketing, collaborating with prominent brands across the United States, United Kingdom, and Asia.

Dan has been an integral part of the Illinois swimming community throughout his career, officiating for NCAA Swimming, USA Swimming, and the Collegiate Swimming Officials Association (CSOA) for many years. His passion for swimming and extensive technical knowledge of the sport led him to develop a tool to assist swimmers in perfecting their strokes. In 2012, he established Swim Stroke Doctor, an innovative underwater video system that offers a novel approach to analyzing swim techniques. As the company’s director, Dan oversees the use of a grading system and active kinesiology to help swimmers tailor a program that enhances their technical stroke, minimizes injury risk, boosts strength, and helps them reach their athletic objectives.

Dan serves as the creative director and designer at Daniel Lynch Celtic, crafting a blend of modern and traditional Irish, Celtic, and Scottish products. His range includes items from wallets and luggage tags to shot glasses and more. Dan draws inspiration from Ireland’s rich history, iconic artifacts such as the Book of Kells and the Lindisfarne Gospels, the art of Irish dance, and the elegance of the Gaelic language.

In his spare time, Dan is passionate about giving back to his community and advocating for inclusion and disability awareness. He also loves spending time with his family, traveling, swimming, roller blading and biking.

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