IHSA Water Polo Officials Training Clinic

In early 2020, the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) conducted a comprehensive training clinic for water polo officials, setting the stage for a season of precise and informed refereeing.

The Venue: Fenwick High School with its rich history dating back to 1929, opened its doors to host the IHSA Water Polo Officials Training Clinic.

Clinic Overview The clinic was designed to cater to both new and experienced officials, with a focus on the latest rules and regulations set by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). The IHSA 2020 Classroom Clinics offered Level I & II training sessions.

Hands-On Experience: Officials Training Tournament A key component of the clinic was the Officials Training Tournament, held from February 14th to 16th. This hands-on tournament was mandatory for all first-year officials and provided a practical platform to apply the knowledge gained during the classroom sessions. The tournament featured a master’s tournament format with teams such as Windy City, Apostles, Wildcats, U of Wisc, Harper College, CHIPOLO, Outlaws, Lake View Lobsters, and Beached Whales.

Technological Edge: Video Analysis The clinic also incorporated advanced technology with video analysis sessions. These sessions included deck side and underwater views, offering officials a unique perspective on the game’s dynamics and the opportunity to review their calls in real-time. The use of such technology underscored the IHSA’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in officiating.

Conclusion Combining theoretical knowledge with practical application, the clinic ensured that the officials were well-equipped to oversee matches with confidence and accuracy, ultimately contributing to the integrity and enjoyment of the game.

As the whistle blows to start a match, it’s the training and preparation from clinics like these that resonate in the clear calls and fair play, echoing the spirit of water polo across pools in Illinois and beyond.

Underwater view at a depth of 2 meters.

Deck-side view of clinic operations.


Introducing our latest underwater video system, view #320.




If you’re interested in an above-water video system, the View #320 offers a comprehensive perspective.