Technique Testing For Swimmers and Teams

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Swimming Video Analysis

We are at your service to offer Swim Stroke Doctor video swimming testing and analysis services, either at your facility or here in the Chicagoland area.


Video serves as scientific evidence for analyzing the swimming techniques of individuals and teams. The testing and feedback process is overseen by Dan Lynch, the creator of the Swim Stroke Doctor system.

Benefitting from his collegiate swimming experience at the University of Illinois and his tutelage under esteemed coaches like Bill Wadley, Rein Haljand, Frank Keefe, and Cecil Colwin, alongside his extensive 17-year tenure as a USA Swimming referee, he offers invaluable insights into technique testing. Since the inception of his patented video product in 2012, his dedication to refining swim analysis methods has been unwavering.

Our patented Lane View Video system employs a computer-based video system to capture underwater recordings of swimmers, facilitating meticulous technical reviews of their movements during starts, turns, and while swimming. Utilizing motion cameras, swimmers can be recorded from multiple angles including side, front, and diagonally at 45 degrees. The recordings are done in HD analog video format for optimal clarity and detail.


In our analysis, we employ a computer software-based system designed for in-depth examination. Our training methodology draws from swimming experiences and the teachings of Cecil Colwin. Stroke direction is tailored to the individual strokes of tested swimmers. We scrutinize up to 15 technical aspects crucial in competitive swimming, encompassing the four primary styles, four types of starts, four turns, and three turns specific to the Individual Medley.

Throughout the testing process, we meticulously analyze the parameters and quality of technique. This involves measuring various parameters using specialized software designed for PC or MAC format computers, specifically tailored for this purpose. These measured parameters provide valuable insights into the technique skills of each swimmer. Additionally, the test video will be shared via cloud storage and can be uploaded to social media platforms such as YouTube, along with still frame pictures saved as .jpg files.

The Swim Stroke Doctor system offers coaches and their swimmers an essential underwater training perspective crucial in today’s swimming landscape. It represents a significant advancement for swim athletes and their coaches, truly revolutionizing the game.

* example video of analysis

Requirements for pool and swimmers when testing at your site.

To conduct testing, a swimming pool of either 25 yards or 25 meters is required, equipped with a minimum of three lanes and clear water. It’s essential that the poolside is free from obstacles to allow unrestricted movement. Prior to the testing session, we request advance pool photos.

Swimmers will utilize either the first, second, or third lane, depending on the pool layout. To facilitate video recordings, these specific lanes need to be reserved for 2-3 hours. This timeframe includes a 60-minute setup period and approximately 5 minutes for each swimmer to complete a 100-yard swim, followed by additional 25-yard laps.

All swimmers must be prepared according to a predetermined list, indicating the order of appearance. The ideal number of swimmers to be tested during one visit ranges between 10 and 20. Each swimmer may undergo testing for three elements: the stroke, the start, and the turn. Medley swimmers can be evaluated for all stroke styles, including three turns and a butterfly start.


If video recording of the swimmers occurs in the morning, additional pre-analysis will be conducted in the afternoon and evening.

If swimmer feedback sessions are included, they commence the following morning. The duration of each session with a swimmer varies based on the stroke and may last for 15 minutes. The optimum number of swimmers analyzed in a day is 20.

Swimmers are required to adhere to a schedule and designated order, being prepared from 8 am until 1 pm for the first group of 10 swimmers, and from 3 pm until 7 pm for the subsequent group of 10 swimmers. Sessions for Individual Medley (IM) swimmers may extend beyond this timeframe. Swimmers are welcome to attend with their coaches. A dedicated room is essential for conducting effective feedback sessions, wherein all necessary equipment will be provided and set up by our team.

During the feedback session each individual swimmer will review a cloud version of the analysis, with the original video clips of his technique and a video of the feedback session including graphics and values of measured parameters with advice and comments.

For testing in Chicago, we offer the convenience of arranging the pool and feedback location requirements. The minimum program for testing in Chicago accommodates 10 swimmers over a period of 2 days:

– Day 1: Arrival in Chicago on Saturday morning. Filming can commence Saturday afternoon, depending on the schedule.
– Day 2: Sunday morning filming starts at 8:00 am, followed by feedback sessions on the same day from 3 pm to 7 pm.

In conclusion, this type of testing for the technical preparation of swimmers is highly professional. It is founded on swim theory and industry best practices, aiding in the identification of new technique elements tailored to each swimmer’s individual style. Moreover, it facilitates the monitoring of preparation progress and the correction of stroke errors.

It is recommended to assess swimmers’ technique four times per season:

1. At the beginning of the season, conducting two assessments with a one-month interval.
2. During the pre-competition period, focusing on starts, turns, and strokes.
3. Immediately before or after major competitions when swimmers are in their peak condition.

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