Swimming – On the Spot Correction

The Swim Stroke Doctor, LLC Training System uses visual learning and on-the-spot correction. This is truly coach/swimmer training. Immediate video analysis makes the quickest and often most effective corrections to deficiencies in an athlete’s swim training.

Generally, there are two major reasons a swimmer requires stroke analysis. Either the swimmer you are correcting does not understand the technical version of the swimming stroke or just can’t understand because they can’t see their own personal performance without video analysis.

A coach is always challenged by the fact that the swimmers are taught and are aware of the standard but are unable to understand as they have been unable to see what they have been doing. With our system, athletes can now see and understand the coaching correction.

On the Spot Correction Guidelines

  • The training, instruction, or correction given to a swimmer to correct deficiencies must be directly related to the deficiency.

  • Orient the corrective action toward improving the swimmer’s performance in a single problem area. One correction at a time.

  • Visual learning will continue after the training session. Videos are uploaded to the Swim Stroke Doctor website or social media sites like YouTube, etc. Playback, combined with the athletes desire to learn, will fuel the mental aspect of the visual learning.

  •  Corrective training for the stroke deficiency should continue only until the training deficiency is overcome. Once this primary flaw is corrected, it is important to move on.
  •  All levels of coaching take care to ensure that training and instruction are conducted in a positive manner with procedural safeguards in swim stroke training.
  •  Coaches review the videos of the swimmers and create a prescription to allow the swimmer to follow best practice.

    Keeping a swimmer on track is the key element in solving performance problems. We recommend a five-step process to ensure continued success in the sport.