Get Better Swimming Results with Video

Maximize Your Swimming Potential with Video Analysis

Many swimmers unknowingly expend excessive energy fighting against the water rather than propelling themselves forward efficiently. It’s akin to attempting to row a boat with bare hands instead of using proper oars. This inefficiency stems from poor technique, leading to sluggish times, increased fatigue, and heightened risk of injury.

Traditional training philosophies often advocate for pushing through pain, but this approach can lead to overtraining and physical breakdown. At Swim Stroke Doctor, we challenge these norms by prioritizing smart, efficient training over brute force.

Our High Performance Swimming Underwater Video System (SSD) revolutionizes swim training by providing visual feedback and real-time corrections tailored to each swimmer’s unique stroke. This personalized approach enhances stroke efficiency, reduces practice yardage, and minimizes the risk of injury.

With the SSD system, swimmers experience faster progress and improved fluidity in their strokes while exerting less effort. By making training both effective and enjoyable, we empower athletes to reach their full potential in the water.

Technique Mastery. Lane View of the swim stroke.

  • First, you get your balance in the water and correct head position.

  • Then work on getting the arm rotation, hip and kick right.

  • Finally, you will be executing the pull that will give you the most propulsion possible.

  • Swim stroke mastery is easy to follow when using visual learning. It is designed to work within weeks, as long as you put in the time.

Swim with ease and save your energy for the swim. Visual learning allows swimmers to follow the corrections and build confidence naturally and quickly.