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So how do you make – the swim – your friend…and even your best friend?

Most swimmers waste energy trying to churn through the water… instead of moving the body forward. It’s as dramatic as trying to row a boat using your bare hands… instead of using top-of-the-line rowing oars. Most people have poor technique in the water and are using way too much energy to swim.

When it comes to training for swimming, I have never been comfortable with the traditional philosophies of “no pain, no gain”. The human body has its limits of what it can handle before it starts to break down, often called “over-training”.

Most swimmers overtax their bodies with the way they train. It’s not because they want to, they think they understand the coaches correction, but can’t see the correction. Incorrect swimming form… it sets the athlete up for failure with slow times, overtaxing the body, sport disqualification as well as possible injury.

Enhance stroke efficiency, reduce practice yardage, reduce swim injury with the Swim Stroke Doctor High Performance Swimming Underwater Video System (SSD). Swimming strokes, each stresses the body differently, so you need to train differently for each of the 4 strokes.

Visual learning with the SSD video system and on-the-spot correction method help swimmers get more out of their strokes, swim faster, and more fluidly, while exerting less energy. In other words, they were getting more results while doing less work!

Swim training needs to be enjoyable and even fun. If it’s not enjoyable, then athlete won’t stick with it, video makes for personal interaction with the athlete, helps retention, and makes you a better swim coach.

Using SSD, discover the secrets to improving swim technique with Visual Learning.

Technique Mastery. Lane View of the swim stroke.

  • First, you get your balance in the water and correct head position.

  • Then work on getting the arm rotation, hip and kick right.

  • Finally, you will be executing the pull that will give you the most propulsion possible.

  • Swim stroke mastery is easy to follow when using visual learning. It is designed to work within weeks, as long as you put in the time.

Swim with ease, and save your energy for the swim. Visual learning allows swimmer to follow the corrections and build confidence naturally and quickly.