Breaststroke Biomechanics: Keep it Simple

Visual learning from our Lane View video combined with the biomechanics of the breaststroke swimming stroke, provide student athlete swimmers the tools to understand what the coach has been saying all along.

In breaststroke, it starts with the head and body position. In the streamline position, are the arms straight with one hand on top of the other?  As the pull begins, does the back arch with the legs behind the body?

Cecil M. Colwin, in his book, “Swimming Dynamics: Winning Techniques and Strategies” covered every aspect of the sport, including improving stroke dynamics. His drawings of breaststroke are clear.

©Swim Stroke Doctor Breaststroke Training Sheet

We are proud to be allowed to use Cecil’s work in the Swim Stroke Doctor system.

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Cecil, a member of the Swimming Hall of Fame, was an internationally known competitive swim coach, educator, lecturer, researcher, author, cartoonist and illustrator. He wrote more than 100 articles and papers and was the author of numerous books on swimming. Cecil was a dynamic man. His life motto is best captured by Tennyson’s Ulysses: “To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.”