System Review: Video Analysis

Welcome to the Swim Stroke Doctor system

We’ve developed a video system and method specifically aimed at enhancing swimmers’ strokes. What sets it apart is the personalized input from both coaches and swimmers. Creating the Swim Stroke Doctor system has been a labor of thousands of hours, and we’re committed to continually improving it. Thank you for incorporating our system into your training regimen.

The Swim Stroke Doctor video systems are known throughout the industry for their versatility and user-friendliness.

The “Lane View” System #280 provides coaches with a powerful tool for video analysis by capturing dynamic footage from multiple angles—front, rear, and side—of a swimmer’s stroke. This capability is invaluable for coaches who rely on video analysis as part of their coaching methodology. The system offers live streaming of motion video and instant replay functionality. It facilitates comprehensive observation of a swimmer’s complete stroke cycle along a 25-yard or 25-meter course, offering valuable visual feedback to enhance the swimmer’s stroke profile.

Video length 0:1:14 Deckside interactions

Testimonial: Mike Laurich, Head Site Swim Coach, Academy Bullets Swim Club IL

“The system lets you capture an entire pool length of the stroke. This is great since you can see if the stroke changes during that time. Most systems only allow a single stroke cycle and aren’t as stable. Most kids are visual learners, and this gives them a chance to see what you are talking about in order to make stroke corrections.”

Swimming success relies heavily on the refinement of stroke technique. With our patented motion video technology, you can analyze form and mechanics to perfect your technique. Essential perspectives for analysis include Lane View, Side View, 45-Degree View, and Starts/Turns.

Expected Result: Every swimmer reaps the rewards of refining their strokes. We focus on addressing their main stroke flaw in each session. After just one private coaching session, a swimmer could potentially trim their time by 1.6 seconds or more over a 100-yard distance, depending on the stroke. This personalized training offers an unbeatable approach to improving technique.

Testimonial: Coach Dave Sheets – Duquesne University, A-10 Women’s Champions, A-10 Women’s coach of the year.

“The Swim Stroke Doctor video system is by far the most versatile and easy to use system out there.  The ability to get moving video from the front of the stroke, the rear of the stroke and the side of the stroke makes this system a great tool for any coach that believes video analysis can be a great learning tool.”

Introducing our newest video platform for perfecting techniques, the “Tune-up” System #320. This handheld device is super user-friendly, fast, and fun to use. It streams video live to the coach on deck and saves it for instant playback.

Fast and easy to use our System #320 offers straightforward operation, allowing you to record video both underwater and from above water while providing coaches with live views of swimmers from the deck.

Video length 0:3:15 – Backstroke Testing Progression – System #320

During the athlete assessment, we prioritize evaluating body alignment, checking for a straight line during wall push-offs in streamline position from both front and back views. This alignment serves as a crucial foundation for subsequent corrections. After recording the swim, we review the footage with the athlete, encouraging their active involvement in identifying observations, which is vital for maintaining focus. Following discussion and analysis, swimmers return to the water for further recording to monitor progress.

As we progress, our attention turns to examining the underwater dolphin kick, focusing particularly on head position, a crucial element. While there may be other areas of the swimmer’s backstroke technique needing refinement, we prioritize pinpointing one key adjustment that can bring significant improvements. After the swim, we invite the swimmer to the deck and ask, “What do you see?” If the swimmer surfaces with their head raised out of streamline, disrupting the flow like a log jam, with elevated head and lowered hips, we address these observations during our review and then return to the pool for further practice.

Next, we move the swimmer one lane over to gain a slightly different perspective. It’s clear that their head position and streamline have improved. As the session progresses, we engage in a review with the swimmer, focusing on their visual observations. Afterward, we revisit the corrective technique plan with the swimmer and schedule another swim technique video review.

In our upcoming video session for swimmers, we’ll start by revisiting foundational techniques before advancing to focus on the next crucial element of their swimming stroke.

At the University of Michigan, under Coach Mike Bottom, swimmers often have an eye-opening experience when reviewing video footage of their performance. They may find themselves thinking, “Wow, is that really how I swim?”

For additional details about our system and training methods, contact us at dvlynch (at)