Our Patented system works in competition pools 25y or 25m pools with varying lane widths. We work in all depths of pools, 4 foot depth minimum.   Depending on the facility and pool layout, we may recommend system setup in end or center lanes. Our system is easy to deploy and operate.

ASSEMBLY – WARNING: Several components are HEAVY. Individuals with muscular or balance problems should not be involved in setup of this product. Do not throw Block in pool. Carefully lower harness and block into pool.

1. Duquesne University.                                                           

The Swim Stroke Doctor system is assembled on deck, and then in-water to fixed lane line anchor points. Our patented linear motion video system allows coaches and athletes to analyze technique that was not able to be seen before. Lane 5 install.

2. LPD Core Aquatics.

The pool is a deep /shallow format and the installation in pool lane 1 is easy in and out. Lane 1 Install.

3. The Ohio State University.

All deep pool setup with 18″ cantilever overflow and flat bulkhead attachment. Features from the deck. Lane 9 Install.

Typical pool installation will be similar to one of the above setups. 

REQUIRED USE: Bright orange caution cones are to be deployed at the four perimeter points of the video technique training lane. Lane Cautions are required as it identifies the lane is in use exclusively for submerged Swim Stroke Doctor underwater motion video system.


Once system is installed into the pool, return to the COACHES STATION for final setup prior to swimming testing. Click on the link.