Swim Cap with tech design

Innovative in design, our Swim Stroke Doctors’ patented head position alignment cap represents a significant advancement in swimming technique. It provides crucial support for achieving optimal head, eye, and body alignment in the water. When paired with our video systems, swimmers benefit from rapid and precise corrections. This cap is an essential component of our clinics and training sessions, facilitating comprehensive skill development.

When swimmers keep their heads raised and eyes looking forward while swimming, it generates a “bow wave” that amplifies dynamic drag. It’s essential to carefully consider the consequences of this wave.

Hydro cap

In this single video review session, the swimmer showcases a keen understanding of the pivotal role of proper head positioning in their swimming stroke. The effectiveness of our patented design tool, coupled with our video analysis, is clearly demonstrated.

hydro cap

Understanding the Significance of Proper Head Placement

Maintaining precise head alignment is essential for maximizing swimming efficiency. Across all strokes—freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke—where the body remains horizontal in the water, proper head placement is paramount. Elevated head positions lead to increased frontal drag and resistance, ultimately resulting in lower hip buoyancy.

Body alignment plays a crucial role in maximizing swimming stroke efficiency.

Achieving total alignment is essential for reducing frontal resistance and enhancing propulsion. While our bodies naturally rotate and curve during strokes to improve performance, excessive bending can have a negative impact.

Before                                                                                                                                   After


Feature Highlight: This cap is exclusively designed for swim testing and analysis, available solely at our training clinics.

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