1, 2, 3 Breaststroke: Visual learning with video is one of the most effective stroke training technical methods out there, but until now, it’s also been one of the toughest.

I’ve been in and out of the water for over 50 years myself, and one thing I learned through trial and error is that you can’t just stay the course. Coaching continues to innovate and I can guarantee our new patented Swim Stroke Doctor motion underwater video system will definitely help your swimmers get faster.

1, 2, 3 Video: Breaststroke swimming testing in side view – lane view – 45 degree view.


Slideshow technique by comparison: Imprint the technique with Images.The following is a dual photo view slideshow analysis of the testing swimmer to a swimmer stroke model. Video in Lane View, the propulsive view of the swimming stroke.

Photos will self advance or click the arrows at the right and left

Testing Swimmer                                                  Study Model


    1,2,3 Breaststroke: Key technical points and focus is simple correction.

    • Legs. Leg Kick width and feet point out.
    • Arm/Elbow streamline. At beginning of shoot, elbows tight close to body.
    • Hands. Hand angle at start of pull.

    1. Lane View video:


    2. Side View video:


    3. 45 degree view video:


    Visual learning video really works! 1, 2, 3 Breaststroke Video

    1. Lane View” or Olympic view is the propulsive view of the full pool length of the swimming stroke. You see exactly what happens to the propulsive stroke during the cycles of the swim.
    2. 45 Degree” view provides great viewing of transitions and reach technique during the swim.
    3. Side View” shows the catch as the swimmer changes cycles of breathing during the stroke.

    Our Video training system and technique methodology aims to improve and refine the individual swimmers.