Learning in a Visual Age:

The critical importance of underwater motion video in swimming technique training.

Today we are in the “digital age,” and those born after 1980 are known as “digital natives.” The majority of student athletes in this generation of IoT technology and change are visual learners. … just look at their daily hours of interaction with smart phones, ipads, computers and apps like SnapChat, Facebook, Pinterest, texts etc.

In swimming training, the visual sense is key to the student athlete learning the stroke.  A video tells a thousand words when it comes to learning. Yet, we learn almost twice as well from images plus words as from words alone. We combine with our video visual learning system, images of the swimming stroke by Hall of Fame swimming coach Cecil Colwin and stroke specific elements broken down to the individual components of the swimming stroke technique.

Our water resistant swimming technique stroke book is available for purchase, please contact us for details.

Visual learning with the Swim Stroke Doctor patented underwater video system is a great way of learning as it aids to increase a swimmer’s interest in a technique training, makes the learning process more enjoyable, and retains the swimmer’s interest for longer periods.

We recommend technique training and continuing education in motion video analysis 4 times during the swimming season.

Look closely, the Swim Stroke Doctor patented underwater video system helps make swimmers faster.