Technical Training Sheets:

We have developed training sheets for each of the four swimming strokes. These are based on the drawings of Cecil Colwin from his book “Swimming Dynamics” and are used with permission.

These training sheets show the full cycle of each of the 4 swimming strokes.

Freestyle Training Sheet – Part 1

Butterfly Training Sheet – Part 1

Backstroke Training Sheet – Part 1

Breaststroke Training Sheet – Part 1

Please feel free to download these sheets for technical study.


Video provides a great study of the individual athlete, we recommend a Laminated “Technique Book” that swimmers can keep with them, in swim bag, etc. It provides the training sheets above, as well as the following pages.



With each system purchase, we provide an 8 page laminated “Deck Book” of these stroke drawings combined with a stroke check list of important features of each of the swimming strokes.

Download for free, or this book is available for purchase with checkout by PayPal.


Additional links to the Swim Stroke Doctor website.

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