System 300

What you can see and change above water is only 50% of the swimmers long term success. Seeing the other 50% below water can help your swimmers reach their full potential….. Swimmers get faster with Video.


1). Dolphin Kick – Underwater (21 sec.)

2). Start – (28 sec.)

3). Breaststroke – In and Out (19 sec.)

4). Freestyle – One Arm Drill (34 sec.)


5). Breaststroke Kick Drill (32 sec.)



System 300 is a system and method for swim stroke training.

Our “tune-up” system is easy to use and swimmers immediately understand. Video control streams live with instant playback, camera system is packed in protective travel case.

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With the Swim Stroke Doctor video systems, swimmers finally understand what the coach has been talking about. Athletes are like moths to a flame with video.  We have a system and method that works. Order a “Tune-Up” system 300 and you will see results.


Your next step in video is our system 280.

System 280

Our system 280 is an advanced underwater motion video system. We were granted a patent in December 2016. Using this system, we look at the swimming stoke from Lane, Side and 45 degree views. John Leonard of ASCA has described our system as the Mercedes of Underwater video. It is a powerful training tool and exactly what is needed for swimming stroke correction. Ask for more information.