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Through video analysis, our clients experience rapid improvement in their swimming skills. We conduct tests and closely examine videos of their performance to identify areas for enhancement. This process not only enhances their understanding of various swimming strokes but also allows us to tailor advice and information to their specific needs and capabilities. Whether it’s freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, or breaststroke, we analyze and correct all strokes, as well as provide guidance on turns and starts during our sessions.

Video Analysis: athleteThe most powerful view is underwaterand Swimmers are visual learners.

The clinic is structured into three segments: Evaluation, Technique Analysis, and Video Analysis with Corrections. It concludes with a reinforcement of the key learning points. Swimmers are equipped with the knowledge of proper stroke execution and receive notes and reminders of the day’s activities for future reference, thereby enriching the coaching experience.

Individual Swimming Clinic 60 Minutes arm

At your clinic, you will receive personalized one-on-one instruction. Our focus will include body alignment, head position, hand position, catch points, body mechanics, and self-analysis, with a particular emphasis on the tested stroke. Each session is customized for the individual and includes a comprehensive analysis.

We suggest engaging in multiple sessions to facilitate exponential learning.

Participating in multiple video swim clinic sessions can enhance the productivity of your swim training experience. The first session with a swimmer is typically intensive, brimming with information. Subsequent sessions provide opportunities not only for rest but also for assimilation of the material, followed by focused refinement of techniques addressed previously. The benefits derived from attending multiple swim clinic sessions tend to increase exponentially.

Swimmer Video Clinics begin with sessions lasting 60 minutes.

We offer both individual and group clinic sessions. During your clinic, you will receive personalized instruction. We concentrate on the same elements as in an individual swimming clinic. Please see below for more information.

Where Can I Sign Up?

If you’re interested in participating in the video testing, kindly fill out the Google form provided below to initiate the process. After completing the form, please send an email to Swim Stroke Doctor as indicated on the form. Upon receipt of your email, we will contact you to verify your details and arrange the training session.

Other Helpful Information

Parents and coaches are not permitted in the testing session. Participants should check in 15 minutes prior to the start of the session. Deck changing, use of locker rooms, and pool bathrooms are prohibited. Personal items, including jewelry and watches, are not allowed.


  • Swim Video Testing Session: $250 (60 minutes, one swimmer)

  • Group Swim Video Clinic: $185 (60 minutes, 4 swimmers per group)

  • Dryland Training: $120 (30 minutes, one swimmer)

  • Group Coaching:

    • Full Day: $3000 (1 to 4 swimmers)

    • Half Day: $1600 (1 to 4 swimmers)


Based in Chicago with a satellite office in New York City, we operate in numerous local pools. Additionally, we are open to traveling to your location, provided that all travel expenses are covered by the client.

Training is specific to the swimmer. The following videos are from testing sessions.


Swimming motion is the process of the body changing positions all time.

Video analysis of swimming styles, starts, and turns enables the enhancement of technique across all elements. Our analysis and training focus on correcting a swimmer’s head position, body rotation, and the movement of hands, elbows, arms, core, legs, knees, and feet, which all move up, down, forward, and backward simultaneously.

Our goal is to enhance swimming performance via precise evaluations. Our solutions for swimming strokes are grounded in best practices, as well as swimming science and technology.

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