We capture swimming Motion video the entire pool length.

The underwater stroke mechanics and breathing.

Corrections are easy to understand with motion video.

Visual Learning:  With our system the coach reviews the live video, coach and swimmer review the playback in visual, auditory and kinesthetic method.. The coaches corrections is a positive interaction and training point. Swimmers understand and it motivates them to correct.

Freestyle Analysis – Coach Dave Sheets – Duquesne University



Breaststroke: Video with pauses on key points


Freestyle: LaSalle – Masters swimmer


Backstroke in Lane View: It starts with hand entry and finishes at the leg.


Lane View Butterfly: Video with pauses on key points


Backstroke: Lane and Side Views


May 10, 2017: Our newest system 200 in Lane View Testing, Age group thru Masters swimmers benefit from visual learning through the use of our video system. Video is freestyle swimming with mini fins.

What corrections will you give this swimmer? Our focused correction is very simple:

  • fingertips move down first, then wrist down
  • engage forearm to get vertical forearm
  • upper arm engages, hand passes directly under shoulder
  • arm push through to thigh


April 23, 2017: PaulyD Foundation Fundraiser, St Charles IL Swim Club with our friend former Ohio State Coach Bill Wadley. The swimmers loved the videos, and the technical stroke corrections.


Technique Drill – One Arm Freestyle, breathe away from swimming arm. This is one of our favorite stroke correction swims.


Freestyle: Swimmers need to dig into the water, not glide. Hand entry is critical.



Butterfly: Hands are too wide at the entry causing major disconnect.



Breaststroke: Is a centerline stroke and the kick plays a big part in setting up the hands for the stroke.



LPD Core- Aquatic Facility






The system works from a deck side coaching station.

Our Swim Stroke Doctor Underwater Video Motion System allows you to see a swimmers complete cycle, and find the critical areas for technique improvement.

DUQUESNE UNIVERSITY: The following are some videos taken by Head Coach Dave Sheets at Duquesne University January 2016.


Visual Learning combined with Coach Sheets stroke analysis will making this swimmers technique much better.


OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY: Videos from initial system settup in 2015.