Kinesthetic Method

Most of us learn by utilizing one or more of three senses – SEEING visual, HEARING auditory and FEELING touch. These are physical sources of information our bodies send to the brain. The graphics below provide a visual representation of the senses.

Sense is a way of using information. Swimmers come from each of these groups, yet due to the training environment most are visual learners.

BREASTSTROKE. We are viewing a breaststroke swimmer in Lane View, he has good tempo. As we visually inspect the swim, we review and identify stroke flaws. We look to make one correction at a time.

What do you see? Establishing the best body position is critical to the success of the swim.

We bring the swimmer to the deck for video analysis and auditory correction and review. SEE the stroke, HEAR the coach and next we utilize the Kinesthetic TOUCH method and engage the swimmer to FEEL the muscles utilized for the stroke correction.


And then… to the next training stage. Back in the pool.