Hydro-dynamic swim alignment cap

The Swim Stroke Doctors hydro-dynamic head alignment cap is a great guide and tool to help ensure that your head, eyes, and body are in the right position for efficient swimming. Our copyrighted and patent pending design is an inexpensive and easy tool to help swimmers.


Hydro cap

How to Test Your Head Position:

  1. Find a friend and ask them to record you swimming as you normally would, wearing the hydro-dynamic head alignment cap.

  2. Review the video and look to see how your head is either up, down, or tilted when you are swimming normally, and when you are breathing.

  3. Adjust accordingly.

  4. Redo your swim with adjusted head position and feel the improvement.

  5. Extend this same practice to all other strokes.

hydro cap

Why Proper Head Placement is Important

  • Proper head position and alignment allows for faster swimming.

    • In long axis strokes like freestyle and backstroke the body position is horizontal in the water. Head position is critical to swimming as a high head, through frontal resistance, causes the hips to sink.

  • Total body alignment is necessary for an efficient stroke

    • A curved body will produce more frontal resistance than a straight body. Our body rotates and curves to produce more propulsion during swimming stroke, excessive bending of the body will do more harm than good.

Before                                                                                                                                   After

Product details: Adult size cap, 100% Silicone. (for younger swimmers, place this cap over their normal cap).


MSRP: $15.00

Introductory promotion pricing: $12.00 plus shipping.

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