Dryland exercises utilizing body weight.

Note: if at any time you feel uncomfortable with the exercise, stop immediately.

1). Internal and External Rotator Cuff exercises.

Use a bungee or thera band 3x a week. Tuck your elbows in, keeping them next to your body

15-20 x 3 sets – Internal and External, do this daily

2). Jump.

This is one of the most important exercises for starts and turns. At the beginning start slow, and build. Jump every other day to start. The future of the “jump” is BOX jumps.

15 x 3 sets, start at 3x per week.

3). Wall Sit with arm action.

This is a seated “style” posture drill. Head against the wall, flat of the lower back is pressed against the wall legs are at 90 degrees and feet are flat. Arms move to streamline and follow the wall, Advanced swimmers wall-sit for 60 seconds. Legs will feel a burn.

15 x 3 sets, start at 3 sets per week.

4). Torso Rotation left and right.

Exercise is done slowly. Helps with head and body rotation during the swim.

15 x 3 sets, can be done daily.


5). Tumble Roll – by USD coach Stephane Rochet

The following are advanced dryland drills for helping control the freestyle turn. Tuck the Chin to the chest.

3 x 3 sets, 3 times a week to start.

Forward Roll

6). Forward Quick Roll

This is the advanced version of the forward roll. Do not attempt this drill until you are competent with the Forward Roll. Guaranteed to get you dizzy if you are not focused on the drill. Be careful.


Swimming is a life sport.

7). Turn Stretch Drill – Skills NT

Daily: morning and nite.