We work with teams to help swimmers close the gap between THEIR current stroke and THEIR perfect stroke. Our Swim Stroke Doctor video analysis, grading system and method is individually focused to hep a swimmer find their optimal stroke.


In 2012 we created a motion underwater video system for swimming. Dan Lynch is the Founder and Director at Swim Stroke Doctor. His education at the University of Illinois, athletic experience in swimming and technical knowledge of the swimming stroke have taught him the importance of adding video training into a teams workout plan.

We are passionate about helping you incorporate this into your routine, and can assist by creating a customized program to improve the swimmers technical stroke, reduce the risk of injury, improve strength, and ultimately help you meet your athletic goals.

CSCAA Partner

We are proud to be a partner with the College Swimming and Diving Coaches Association of America since 2014. Teams we have worked with:

Grove City College (D3), The Ohio State University (D1), Duquesne University (D1), Louisiana State University (D1), Purdue University (D1), University of Michigan (D1), Valporasio University (D1), University of Indianapolis (D2), Queens University Charlotte (D2), Bowling Green (D1), University of Wyoming (D1), Indiana University (D1), United States Merchant Marine (D3), Ashland University (D2 ), Brenau University (NAIA), King Aquatics (KING), Highlands Ranch Aquatics (HRA), Cottonwood Heights Aquatics (CHAT), Swim for Life Ohio Foundation, Hornet Swim Club (HOSC), Fenwick HS, IHSA Water Polo and more.

Dan is a Technical Swim Coach, a USA and NCAA Swimming Referee, a past president of the Chicago area Intersuburban Swim conference,  and an expert in international sourcing, marketing and sales.


The Swim Stroke Doctor, LLC high performance swim video analysis was first tested in the summer of 2012 at the LaGrange Field Club, in LaGrange, IL.  Head Coach Scott Gourley of the LaGrange Field Club, and Morton High School thought it “provides a new and exciting perspective to the analysis of the swim stroke”. The Academey Bullets swim team was the first to offer pool time for in-water testing and development, thanks to Coach Mike Laurich Head Site Coach. Please see our testimonials section for additional comments.

In high performance competition, it is said, “fast kids make records.” While we certainly cannot dispute this claim, “kids with effective coaching, proper swim technique and desire set records.”

Please contact us for more information about our Visual Learning systems.


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