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Swimming Video Analysis


Benefits to Swimmer

All of our clients realize immediate improvement, based on a better understanding of the swimming stroke and a better understanding of their specific needs as they apply to the freestyle swim stroke. All advice and information is tailored to the athlete and how it applies to his or her swimming.

Video Analysis

There are three segments, Evaluation, Analyzing technique, and then Analysis and correction. We wrap up with reinforcement of the learning points of the clinic and what needs to be done in stroke execution. This sends the swimmer home with tangible reminders of the day’s events for future reference, enhancing the coaching experience.

Your Freestyle Clinic 60 Minutes

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During your clinic you will receive, personalized One-on-One instruction. We will focus on Body Alignment, Head Position, Hand Position, Catch Points, Body Mechanics and Self-analysis, with a specific emphasis on, and specializing on Freestyle. Each session is tailored to the individual, and includes complete analysis. After your clinic you will have access to the Swim Stroke Doctor for post-clinic consultation and follow-up discussions.

Equipment Required

  • Swimmers required to come dressed in swim suits and bring a towel, goggles, swim cap and small fins. No technical suits allowed.

Other Information

  • No deck changing, no locker rooms or pool bathrooms. No personal articles, jewelry, watches or cell phones allowed.

  • A technical swim cap,100% silicone is used in the clinic.


​Group Clinic

$140 plus taxes and fees (4 swimmer maximum per group).


Riverside Brookfield High School

160 Ridgewood Rd, Riverside, IL 60546

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Private Coaching

$2195 plus taxes and fees per day (1 to 3 swimmers)

$1095 plus taxes and fees per half day (1 to 2 swimmers)

Effective August 1, 2021


Multiple Sessions

Taking a multiple of video swim clinic sessions will increase the effectiveness of your time with a coach. When a swimmer is with us for the first time, that initial clinic can be an information overload. Taking subsequent swim clinic sessions will allow for time not only to rest between sessions, but also to digest the information presented, and then come back and refine issues from the previous day. What you get back in multiple swim clinic sessions will come back to you in an exponential rate.

Training is specific to the swimmer.

Videos: University of Michigan swim team.