Dublin Video Analysis January 5, 2020

Swim Stroke Analysis – Clinic

LIMITED ENROLLMENT for 16 persons – Please click to enroll your child now.


The Swim Stroke Doctor stroke analysis is a 15 minute session, that includes a live and capture video of your swimmer under the water from three different views (front/rear and side views).

Equipment:  Our patented underwater moving camera on a track enables the coach to view the swimmer the full length of the pool. (One of five systems in the United States).

Analysis:  A review of the underwater video with technical recommendations will be included by a high performance coach. Your coach is welcome to attend and participate in this portion of the analysis.

Operator/ Instructor Coach: Underwater stroke technique video analysis and feedback by Dan Lynch and technical Coach Bill Wadley.

Clinic Package:

  • Best practice recommendation is for maximum of two strokes.

  • Swimmer may sign up for a maximum of two (2) consecutive fifteen minute sessions.

  • Per session cost: $110.

  • Athletes that sign up for future additional clinics will receive a reduced rate. Clinic 2: $100; Clinic 3: $95

  • Each swimmer will be provided a private video link for viewing.

  • Eligibility: Open to competitive swimmers, masters and tri-athletes.

Link to sample videos

Breaststroke Kick Drill




Freestyle 1

Underwater Dolphin

Fly / Back/ Turns

Additional Clinics Available – Starts and Turn Analysis

Contact Dan Lynch at dvlynch@swimstrokedoctor.com

LIMITED ENROLLMENT for 16 persons – Please click to enroll your child.