At Swim Stroke Doctor, we work hard to make small swimming technique differences easier for a coach and swimmer to analyze, understand and correct. We are proud to be a partner with the College Swimming Coaches Association of America.

 What RESULTS do we Expect: Every swimmer has stroke correction needs. We focus to correct a single stroke flaw at a time, when swimming 100 yards your swimmer has the potential to quickly will drop 1.6 seconds and more depending on the stroke. Technique Training does not get any  better than this.

1). OUR SYSTEM works from the deck.

2). LANE VIEW video full length of a 25 yard or 25 meter pool. Lane view video helps make faster swimmers.

3). SIDE BY SIDE ANALYSIS: Swimmers love to compare their strokes. Compare a swimmers stroke to an earlier recording or to swimmers video analysis. Swimmers love competition, and what better way to train the mind is to watch the competition from your own team.

4). SIDE VIEW VIDEO  check the turn.

Breaststroke side view

5). CONTACT Swim Stroke Doctor

Join us for discussion. Contact us to learn more and we’ll be glad to help with all your questions.



OVERVIEW: Because of our Passion for Swimming, we created a patented underwater motion system for our kids, and athletes. Its hard for a swimmer or coach to fix what they can’t see. With the Swim Stroke Doctor system, you can see a swimmers stroke like you have never seen before. Our system is portable, and it allows you to capture the full length of the swimmers stroke.



KEY POINTS: Engage the athlete with motion video. Stroke specific work enhances effort and reduces injury. Our system is easy to use and swimmers finally get the stroke correction.


RESULTS: Every swimmer has stroke correction needs. Talking about results, lets do the math. Pick a primary stroke fault, lets say in freestyle a dropped elbow, or in butterfly a leg separated kick. Lets say a stroke flaw per arm or leg cycle costs a swimmer 1/2 of 1/10 of a second or .05 per stroke cycle. In correcting freestyle, lets calculate 8 stroke cycles in 25 yards, or in butterfly lets calculate 15 kick cycles. Focus to correct this Single stroke flaw, and in 100 yards your swimmer will drop 1.6 seconds and more depending on the stroke. Technique training does not get any easier than this.


REVENUE: creating additional revenue with video. A team offering “Lane View” video, not only creates swim stroke awareness, but can create additional revenue for the coach and team. In 3 hours, you can raise $1000 for the team. Swim Stroke Doctor analysis makes swimming very fun, and revenue productive.


“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. 

Dan Lynch, Swim Stroke Doctor



CSCAA Convention Update: 051216.

Video – this is the best 3 minutes a coach can give an athlete! The coach reviews the  video with the student athlete, the view is imprinted on the swimmers mind, and they finally get the stroke correction, they “Get It”.

Thanks for stopping by our table, and chatting about our system. Hope that everyone made it home safe. After the convention, we traveled to Providence College and ran a video demo for Head Coach John O’Neill winner of the Swim-Across-America-Award.

  • Convention Video Links: At the convention, we showed “Lane View” and “Side View” videos.

          Duquesne Head Coach Dave Sheets shares.

Lane View Breaststroke – the propulsive view

Lane View Breaststroke


Side View Freestyle – the traditional view

Side View Freestyle


Dual Screen Analysis – Side-by-Side analysis with player.

Side by Side View


  • University of Illinois Link: The U of I Alumni Association Spring 2016 magazine featured an article about our Aquatic Invention. I swam for U of I Don Sammons, and am a USA and NCAA Referee.

Aquatic innovator Daniel Lynch

  • Training Sheet/ Checklist: Cecil Colwin’s drawings in “Lane View and Side View” and are combined with the checklist of words you have spoken to your athletes for years.

  • How to Start: It takes 5 minutes on deck and send email. Print this .pdf.

The system is simple and easy to use. It is the game changer for swim coaches and their athletes. Please contact me for more information. Thank you for your interest in improving your swimmers performance.

Dan Lynch
(c)708-829-8392   (e)


Video Analysis: Powerful visual learning for the athlete! Order your system now!