Video Testing

Straightforward, Instantly Usable, Swimming Technique Training

There is no perfect technique. Our aim is to work with each swimmer and develop THEIR Stroke – THEIR Technique. We can help your swimmers realize their promise and potential.

How it works?

From a technical standpoint, swimmers’ skill level ultimately determines their degree of success. Highly skilled swimmers work with the water, minimizing drag and maximizing propulsion.

As one might expect, its personal feedback and not group feedback that makes the most significant difference in swimming performance.

Swimmer Testing groups!

ONE-ON-ONE VIDEO Swimming Technique Training Session 

You can book a SWIM STROKE DOCTOR technique coach for one-on-one swim video training. Your first session will include an initial review of swimming up to two strokes. We will utilize our proprietary swim GRADING system assessment and a provided a 30-day prescription for athlete improvement. Other sessions can be booked 30 DAYS following your initial session.

Session: 30 min/ 60 min.

SMALL GROUP VIDEO Swimming Technique Development Session

SWIM STROKE DOCTOR can provide VIDEO technique development sessions for small groups of up to four swimmers. The session will include individual initial swim assessment for one primary stroke being freestyle or backstroke, our GRADING system assessment and a 30-day prescription for improvement.

Session: 60 min.

GROUP VIDEO Swimming Technique Development Session

One of SWIM STROKE DOCTOR’S most popular sessions is to deliver high energy, powerful impact VIDEO technique development session for groups of up to 30 swimmers with similar ability. The session will include a group water session, individual swimmer video technique assessment GRADING and training for one primary stroke.

Session: tbd. min.


Age group, High school, College, Triathletes, Masters, Club,and Open water swimmers. Our video system technique assessment GRADING SYSTEM – is the first system specifically designed and developed for swimmers to identify and correct technical aspects of swimming. We identify and teach swimmers important stroke mechanics and provide understanding the often complex and confusing issues of the swimming stroke.

Session: Contact us for more information

Swimming is no longer abstract, it is predictive with our video technical grading system.

Session times start depending on pool Covid protocol and begin as early as at 5am.


  1.   ONE-ON-ONE VIDEO Individual – 60 min: ($200/person plus taxes)

  2.   SMALL GROUP VIDEO (4) swimmer – 60 min: ($140/person plus taxes)

  3.   GROUP VIDEO (30) swimmers  – 120 – 240 min: (Call for quotation per person)

Athlete Information Forms: Are required for all participating swimmers at sign up. Information is consolidated on Google Forms page.

Here is an example of the google form.

NOTE: Parents are not allowed in the training session.

Contact us for more information:

Dan Lynch 708-829-8392

Swimming motion is the process of changing positions all time. Body rotating, head, arms and legs moving up – down – forward – backward the same time under and above the water. Video analysis of starts, turns and swimming styles makes possible to improve the technique of all elements. Our mission is to improve swimming performance through accurate assessments. We use live video and stroke solutions based on science and technology. We focus on the stroke.