Our system is a swim technology investment for your team.

The Swim Stroke Doctor system training will deliver your best training results! Our patented system is designed to maximize a swimmer’s technique = SPEED.

  • Improve Swim Strength
  • Increase Mental Focus
  • Develop Proper Technique
  • Injury Prevention
  • Measure Progress
  • Build Technique and Speed

The Swim Stroke Doctor system is ideal for technique review and stroke correction. It’s on the cutting edge of technique analysis and its a game changer that you and your swimmers will benefit. You will be able to analyze the front, side and 45 degree views of the 15 basic components of the swimming stroke.

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Swim Stroke Doctor System 280 – Motion

Our products are made from high quality marine grade materials.

  • Underwater camera: stainless steel analog HD underwater camera

  • Video processing: software digitizing system for video

  • Live and Recorded video

  • Motion: 25 yard underwater motion system

  • Battery operated: camera and motion are battery operated

  • Coaches deck station: rolling cart system

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Swim Stroke Doctor System 300 – Tune Up

This portable system is great for “Tune-Ups”.

  • HD Underwater Camera

  • DVR for Live recording and instant playback

  • 64 GB SD Card

  • Travel Case

  • Extension Pole

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