Our video and testing systems are a swim tech investment for your team.

The Swim Stroke Doctor system will deliver your best training results! Our systems are designed to maximize a swimmer’s technique.

  • Develop Proper Technique

  • Increase Mental Focus

  • Build Technique and Speed

  • Injury Prevention

  • Improve Swim Strength

  • Measure Progress

The Swim Stroke Doctor system is ideal for technical review and swimming stroke correction. It’s on the cutting edge of analysis and its a game changer that you and your swimmers will benefit. Using our Motion or Tune-Up systems you will be able to analyze the front, side and 45 degree views of the 15 basic components of the swimming stroke.


The Swim Stroke Doctor patented motion system # 280 camera moves in sync with the swimmer as the video streams to the deckside coaches station.

Motion Video System # 280

From: 9.549     Ask about system options. Contact Us: dvlynch [at] swimstrokedoctor.com

Tune Up

This portable camera system is great for swimmer Tune-Ups

Tune-Up Video System #300

From: 1,174     Ask about system options.

Contact Us:    dvlynch [at] swimstrokedoctor.com