1. Is the system easy to use?

Yes, our systems are easy to use, are fast and help swimmers make corrections easier. We suggest video analysis for swimmers...
  • At season start
  • One month later to review the correction
  • Prior to large competition (provides focus)
  • Immediately before or after championships (best shape).

2. During swim testing, what do you review?

We start dryland side discussing the stroke and then to the pool for video.  We recommend only one stroke per session as the training is all about the needs of the swimmer, its technical and intensive. Then into the water for stroke video review.  

3. Do you work with individuals? groups and teams?

Yes, details are located on our Swimming Video Analysis web page.  

4. What kind of results do you find swimmers achieve with Video?

All of our clients realize immediate improvement, based on a better understanding of the swimming stroke. We identify a swimmers specific needs as they apply to any of the swimming strokes. All advice and information is tailored to the athlete.

5. Is Video Analysis important for a swimmer?

First, swimmers cannot see their stroke while swimming. Second, video plus  analysis provides the the answer to what to do to make a more efficient swimming stroke.

Whether you desire to compete at the top championship levels, or simply want to build and enjoy swimming even more than you do now, our video and technical analysis is an essential part of your journey.

6. What happens deckside?

Immediately after each swim, the athlete exits the pool for immediate Video Analysis and review.

There are three segments, Evaluation, Analyzing technique, and then Analysis and correction. We wrap up with reinforcement of the learning points of the clinic and what needs to be done in stroke execution. This sends the swimmer home with tangible reminders of the day’s events for future reference, enhancing the coaching experience.

7. Do swimmers receive copies of the videos?

We post select and important videos of the swim testing to social media like youtube.

Each session is tailored to the individual, and includes complete analysis. After your clinic you will have access to the Swim Stroke Doctor for post-clinic consultation and follow-up discussions. We provide videos the next day after the clinic.

8. How do I purchase a Swim Stroke Doctor System?

Contact Dan at dvlynch (at) swimstrokedoctor.com

9. What kind of system do you use?

Swim Stroke Doctor, LLC builds and develops our video systems.

We have 3 technical systems that work with Mac/PC/Linux.

10. Please tell me about your 3 systems?

Our systems are proprietary, we view video live, with immediate playback capability.

11. What cameras do you use?

We use proprietary cameras.

12. Do you have other swimming products?

Yes, a most important product we use during clinics is a We patent pending training cap it really works.   At clinics, we offer complimentary products as well.

Any additional questions, please contact us at

dvlynch [at] swimstrokedoctor.com

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