1. Is the system easy to use?

Our patented system is simple to use. The system operates from a deckside computer at the Coaches Station, and utilizes point and click technology, similar to your smartphone pictures or video. We recommend to test swimmers technique 4 times a swim season:
  • At season start 2 times with an interval of 1 month
  • Pre-competition period for starts, turns and styles
  • Immediately before or after main competitions (best shape).

2. During technique testing, what do you review?

A computer based video system for recordings of the swimmers is used, allowing the technical review of the movements at the start, in turns and during swimming.  

3. Are you available to hire for our swim team or clinic?

There are requirements when testing outside of Chicago. Our Technique Testing platform allows for use at teams or a clinic.  The setup is semi-custom to a pool, so we need facilities specifics. Cost depends on location, swimmers, and schedule. Contact us at dvlynch@swimstrokedoctor.com for financial details and a calendar.

4. What kind of results do you find when using the Lane View Video?

Swimming is all about technique. Small technique changes can yield large performance gains. During technique testing we evaluate the swimmers stroke, and find points of correction to focus the swimmer to achieve a positive result. We focus on one correction at at time.

5. How long does the system take to setup?

We have a step by step process that allows you to set-up or in about 15 minutes.

6. What happens deckside?

We manages the system at the Coaches Station. Swimmers are ready according to a list, stroke and order of appearance. The swimmer slides into the water, and at the start command, swims according to stroke evaluated or IM.  Once the stroke set is complete the swimmer immediately exits from pool. Analysis can be immediate or during separate feedback session..

7. Do swimmers receive copies of the video to show their coaches?

A swimmers video may be reviewed immediately after the swim, or later during a Feedback session. The swimmer may be recorded from the Lane, Side or 45 degree view in the strokes and at turns. Video is uploaded to the cloud and is password protected.

8. How do I purchase a Swim Stroke Doctor System?

The system is semi-custom fit to a pool and details are needed of the facility. Contact dvlynch@swimstrokedoctor.com for financial details and packages of the system.

9. What type of computer do you use to run this system?

The system works with both Windows and Apple computers. In addition to the system, we can offer preloaded computers to a team or club.

10. Will the system work with a tablet or ipad?

We use a computer based video system for recording of the swimmers. Once uploaded, you can review videos with pads, tablets and phones.

11. What cameras do you use?

We use proprietary and special underwater cameras.

12. Do you have other swimming products?

Yes, in addition to our video system we have developed a training system based on swim theory and best practice. This is included with the purchase of a system and may be used at technique testing sessions.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at dvlynch@swimstrokedoctor.com

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