1. Swim Testing: We guarantee improvementI

Check our YouTube channel. Swim Stroke Doctor, LLC - YouTube Our swim testing sessions are video intensive. Swimmers find their best human performance starting with session 1. Multiple sessions yield great results

2. We offer private, clinic and team sessions.

Check our YouTube Channel, Swim Stroke Doctor, LLC - YouTube Please see our Swimming Video Analysis web page. We offer private, clinic and team sessions.   http://swimstrokedoctor.com/swimming-video-analysis/    

3. Swimmers achieve great results with our testing.

Video Analysis: Swimmers are visual learners. The most powerful view is underwater.

All of our clients realize immediate improvement based on our analysis of the video, the swimmer has a better understanding of the swimming stroke and a skill set of their specific needs.


4. Video analysis is an important learning tool for a swimmer?

All advice and information is tailored to the athlete and how it applies to his or her swimming capabilities. Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly, Breaststroke, we analyze and correct all the strokes.

1). Swimmers cannot see their stroke while swimming. 2). Video plus analysis provides the answer to what to do to make a more efficient swimming stroke.

Whether you desire to compete at the top championship levels, or simply want to build and enjoy swimming even more than you do now, our video and technical analysis is an essential part of your journey.


5. What happens during training?

After each testing swim we immediately review the video with the athlete.

There are three segments, Evaluation, Analyzing technique, and then Analysis and correction. We wrap up with reinforcement of the learning points of the clinic and what needs to be done in stroke execution. This sends the swimmer home with tangible reminders of the day’s events for future reference, enhancing the coaching experience.

6. Do swimmers receive copies of the videos?

We provide training videos to the athlete.

Each session is tailored to the individual, and includes analysis. After your training you will have access to the Swim Stroke Doctor for consultation and follow-up discussions.

Any additional questions, please contact us at

dvlynch [at] swimstrokedoctor.com

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