Our Motion system #280 was patented in 2016. Development began in 2012. It is a workhorse for swimming video providing Lane View, Side View, 45 degree view and more… The system is operated sitting at a table deckside.

Our “Tune-up” system #300 was developed at the request of former Olympian Milo Cavic of King Aquatics WA. This system is fast and easy to use. Milo received his system in August 2018. You work at the deck.

Both systems provide immediate review and replay for stroke correction.

There is a method we use when working with the athlete. Visual, Auditory, Kin-esthetic. Please check out the following…

We are visual learners amd swimmers finally understand what the coach has been talking about all along. Swimmers get Faster with Video.

Some pages are Password Protected; Password:swim

1. Overview from CSCAA 2019

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2. Deck installation of “Motion”system 280, web page.

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3. “Motion” system in the water, video.

4. “Lane View” with our motion system #280

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5. “Tune UP” system 300. Short videos and description.

6. “Tune-Up” system video instruction.

7. Links below will take you to Linkedin postings.

Breaststroke – Kick Drill (1min 1s)

Breaststroke – In and Out (19s)

Swimming Freestyle – Side, Lane, Drill – Swim. Testing. (1m 19s)

Swimming Freestyle – Lane View, Side View, Drill (1m 9s)

Swimming Testing Freestyle (34s)

A favorite drill.


We recommend video 4 times a season, Swimmers get Faster with Video